The Online Dating protector

Online Dating SafetyOne of the most common questions we get asked at Single Mums is “How do you make sure that the people joining your site are not looking to exploit a vulnerable group like Single Mums”  This is a great question. We take our members safety VERY seriously.  The last thing they want to be is worried about whether the person they are chatting to is a scammer or is not genuine.

Sometime ago we teamed up with Global personals who recognised the need to offer a safer browsing experience in online dating.  In turn they established the Online Dating Protector.  This service is a 24/7 service made up of a team of 55 highly trained dating professionals and conducts the following functions:

1. Members can report profiles or members they have concerns about instantly.

2. Live chat, If members are concerned about a member they have the option to initiate instant live chat with one of our highly trained UK operators. who are authorised to remove members instantly if there are concerns.

3. Advanced Anti-Scam software. In addition to our super moderation staff we have invested in state of the art anti scam software that which constantly trends behaviour and assigns a risk rating to a profile. Anyone with a high risk profile will me monitored by the team.

4. ‘It’s good to talk’ We offer a Monday to Friday customer support line. So if you have concerns or just want to discuss your account give us a call on 0800 987 5555.

5. Profile verification. Our highly trained team manually vet each and every member profile and photo to ensure they are genuine. This team has been trained to spot fake profiles. If they are not sure then the profile is monitored.

We care about your safety a lot! combine our industry leading safety functions and some basic personal protection you should be able to really enjoy your online dating experience.

Remember if in doubt tell us.


Enjoy! :)