Spring is on the horizon


Get out and enjoy the Winter sun

The weather is on the turn! After a miserable winter in the UK and the ever present risk of flooding in everyones mind we are finally starting to see the seeds of sunshine.

At Single Mums we are all starting to feel a bit more chipper and we hope you do to.  This is an ideal time to start thinking about getting out again and enjoying the brisk winter sun.  The crocuses are starting to sprout so get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside we are blessed with in the UK.

This might be the time to start thinking about how to spend your free time, and make some changes in 2014. A gym membership, maybe a trip to a festival this year, or just a walk in the park. any opportunity you can take to get out and meet new people is a bonus.  As a single parent it’s easy to feel lonely and isolated particularly during the winter.  With things starting to brighten up it’s an ideal time to make some changes.

So commit to make some changes and get out and enjoy the best of Britain.  Better still arrange to meet one of your admirers on Single Mums in the park! you never know where it might go! ;)