Single Parents: Avoiding the Isolation Trap

One of the biggest pitfalls of being a single parent is isolation; especially for mums and dads who are not working.

Isolation is a nefarious foe.  It comes in small increments and rarely by choice.  Usually those of us who find ourselves isolated for whatever reasons end up this way as victims of circumstance.

Unfortunately for many of us, we do not completely understand that it is happening until one day when we look around and realise that our lives are empty and devoid of proper outside human contact.

Often as a single parent, there is not enough financial income to afford us the lifestyle we had when we were a couple.  Nights out slowly become reduced until they cease to happen altogether.  Our friends do not seem to come around as often, especially if they are working, do not have children themselves, or have their own families to tend to.  We stop buying ourselves nice things, like new clothes and proper haircuts, which leads to lowered self-esteem.  Eventually, all of these things create a knock-on effect that ends up with us alone and looking not much like ourselves anymore.

To avoid the decent into isolation, we must pro-actively seek out other people.  Set up a regular night out in your schedule: something once a month or every two weeks.  It doesn’t have to be a major event, just a few drinks or a meal at the pub with friends.  Arrange for play dates with other mums and their children.  Invite people to yours and visit them at theirs.  Remember, purposeful interaction will help you avoid the isolation trap.