Dating tips for single Mums and Dads

Let me begin by saying that dating for single parents is not easy. However, with a little help you can learn how to. Before considering dating, you have to get over the heartbreak and the tears for those who are coming from a divorce or a broken relationship. For those who are widowed you may discover that the dating rituals of your youth are no longer relevant to your new status. Here are a few expert backed rules on navigating the dating scene while keeping your children’s interest at heart.

For single dads

l Ease into dating if you are newly single. The first few dates are to gauge your readiness. If you talk about your ex wife incessantly then it’s too soon to date.

l Choose a person you feel s right for you. Mere interest in you is not a sufficient reason to be with someone. The right woman should understand that your kids are your first priority. She has to be good with your kids.

l Talk to your kids about it. Explain to your children nicely why you want to date and what you expect from it. They should not feel as if you are trying to replace their mother.

For single mums

l Date him only if he makes you truly happier. If he wants to be part of your life let him earn it

l Avoid the revolving door. This will help keep you children from growing attached. Frequent introductions or relationships with different men may skew your children’s perceptions.

l Ask the tough questions in order to know where his interest lies as well as where the relationship is headed.

l Keep trying and put yourself out there. To get new friends and dates you need to start hanging out where adults are. Psych yourself up for online dating and create an attractive profile. Your picture should match your profile.

Regardless of how your circumstance arose you deserve to date. These rules are not exclusive to the single dad or single mum they can be applied by any single parent.