Dating Tips After Divorce

Marriage breakups

Divorce is not the end – It’s the beginning!!

Trying to date again immediately after a divorce is different from dating for singles already in the swing of things in the dating world. After you have divorced with your spouse, it is only natural to want to move on again. Below are helpful tips that will help you get back into dating even after you have divorced.


Do Start Slow

It is important to be slow and gentle on yourself. Your target should not be 10 dates in 2 weeks. This means that you should not be driven by a competitive spirit to heal the wounds of your past. As much as you would want to meet a lot of people, it would be best to be gentle at it. The best way to go about it is by attending friends’ dinner or cocktail parties and meeting new people. You will be able to interact with other singles.


Do Start a Lot of Conversation

It is advisable to start a lot of conversation wherever you go. For instance, while at a restaurant, you might decide to ask the person in front of you what he/she will have for lunch. You may also ask him/her to suggest a suitable meal for you. This is the best way to practice confidence, comfortable conversation and posture before you go on a real date.


Do Flirt

It would be best to start practicing flirting before you go to your first date. Improve your body flirting skills. To start, you can practice harmless flirting with other people. You can flirt with the cute girl serving you coffee or a handsome butcher packaging up your lamb chops. By going through light flirts as often as possible or holding small talk conversations as a single mum or a single dad, you will gain the confidence needed to move on to the next relationship. This is also the best way you and your new catch can make your new relationship work since both of you will be ready and willing to make it work.