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Achieving a Happy Relationship

There are challenges couples in a relationship go through. Some overcome them while others don’t. It is possible to have a successful relationship only if the two parties are willing to work together towards its success. Like any other partnership, being in a relationship also needs sacrifice, devotion, hard work and commitment. Let’s take a look […]

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Dating tips for single Mums and Dads

Let me begin by saying that dating for single parents is not easy. However, with a little help you can learn how to. Before considering dating, you have to get over the heartbreak and the tears for those who are coming from a divorce or a broken relationship. For those who are widowed you may […]

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Single Parents: Avoiding the Isolation Trap

One of the biggest pitfalls of being a single parent is isolation; especially for mums and dads who are not working. Isolation is a nefarious foe.  It comes in small increments and rarely by choice.  Usually those of us who find ourselves isolated for whatever reasons end up this way as victims of circumstance. Unfortunately […]

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Spring is on the horizon

The weather is on the turn! After a miserable winter in the UK and the ever present risk of flooding in everyones mind we are finally starting to see the seeds of sunshine. At Single Mums we are all starting to feel a bit more chipper and we hope you do to.  This is an […]

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The Online Dating protector

One of the most common questions we get asked at Single Mums is “How do you make sure that the people joining your site are not looking to exploit a vulnerable group like Single Mums”  This is a great question. We take our members safety VERY seriously.  The last thing they want to be is […]

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Single Mums Site Update

Welcome to the newest version of the Single Mums website.  We have worked really hard to update, improve and enhance your experience when using this website. The staff here at Single Mums take your safety and enjoyment very seriously . You’ll note that we have adopted the Online Dating Protector which provides you with enhanced […]

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