Advice for Dating Single Parents

If you don’t have kids, but you’re dating someone who does, that’s a pretty big gap between the two of you. Does that mean the relationships won’t work? Not at all. But it does mean that you’ll need to handle it a little differently. Here’s some top single-parents-datingadvice for dating single parents.

  1. Don’t do it if you don’t mean it

The first rule is simple: if you’re on the fence about whether or not this relationships will work, back out or at least don’t meet the kids. Little ones hook onto people and have a hard time letting go. Do you want to be that person who was so into those little ones for two months and then disappeared from their lives forever? That hurts. If you’re not sure where it’s going between you two, just hold off on meeting the kids until you know it’s serious.

  1. Don’t compete with the kids

Single parents have one focus in their lives: their kids. Their relationships and work will come in at a close tie for seconds, but if you’re looking to be number one when you’ve only just started dating, that’s going to be hard to do. Never compete with your partner’s kids. Just let them be the focus and work on your relationship in the moments in between.

  1. Don’t get involved in a messy divorce

If the person you’re seeing is getting a divorce, that may be a cue to step away for a while or at least don’t get involved. A divorce between your current partner and their former partner has nothing to do with you. Let’s go over that again: it has nothing to do with you. Stay out of it, and move on with your new relationship

  1. Have some respect

If this person means that much to you, you’ve got to show them, their kids and their former relationship respect. This doesn’t mean letting them walk all over you. It doesn’t mean inviting the former partner to dinner every night. It means staying out of it when you know it’s not your business. If you end up getting married, things might change, but when you’re only dating, have respect for their collective relationships.