A Choice Between Dating for Love and Sex Dating

Relationships are based on a number of things: love, sex, communication, respect and honesty. It is evident that most relationships are either made or broken by the element of sex. Having the presence of love in a relationship is the foundation of togetherness. It is also importanlove relationshipst to understand that love is a feeling that can neither be brushed off nor ignored. What it all boils down to is which category the relationship falls into.


  1. Purely Love

A love based union stems out of respect between two people who love each other and do not need any form of physical intimacy to complete their equation. You honestly don’t have to go sex dating with the love of your life to consummate your underlying love, don’t you?


It all depend on what the couples think they want. Some might not be in a position to have sex due to their physical disabilities. Other on the other hand might be having sex for the procreation purpose.


  1. Purely Sex

When it comes to sex, if a relationship is based on it, then your partner might not have a sense of understanding, caring or emotions for you and vice versa. The only purpose of such a relationship is to use your physical attraction in order to satisfy your primal sexual needs. This is regarded as a type of a relationship that only exists to give each other a short time of instant gratification and happiness.

However, love might spring up if this type of a relationship is a long-lasting one mostly on the part of the woman. But this rarely happens. Men in most cases are inclined to keep it the way it is for as long as possible.

  1. Both Sex and Love

It is important to understand that other relationships come as a complete package. Any relationship has to grow and mature. This means that there is no point living a life in a relationship that has no change.