5 Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep things exciting in the bedroom. Single parents, recent divorcees and folks who are just getting back into dating often have the hardest times. Even partners who have been together for a while often get in ruts where sex is an option, but it’s not exciting and thrilling anymore. This can lead to a disconnect in the relationship.

sex life

Let’s get SAUCY!!

Time and again, research has shown that people who have active sex lives are happier, if they are in partnerships, their relationships last longer. This means more sex and less divorce. Sounds good right? So why not spice up the sex life you have with your partner? Here’s how.

  1. Have confidence

So you may not have the body you had when you were 20. That’s okay. Confidence is sexy, and having it will not only attract your partner, it will also make you more excited to do the deed.

  1. Be spontaneous

There will never be a perfect time for sex. There will always be something to clean, some place to go and a to-do list a mile long. You have to learn how to be spontaneous if you want to kick your sex life into gear. Call up your honey at work, or do it right after dinner before the pots and pans have even cooled down.

  1. Play dress up

Who said dress up is just for kids? You can play too. Have fun with it, and go buy yourself a set of lingerie that makes you look killer. Or if you’re into role-play, try on those costume’s from last year’s Halloween party and have some fun.

  1. Change your “sex schedule”

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you may have a routine down. He starts here, you do that, then you both do this… Throw that out the window. Start with some different foreplay or reverse roles for a while. This will jazz things up a bit.

  1. If you have to, make sex an appointment

An appointment for sex may not sound too romantic, but that’s okay because it’s only a place to start. You make appointments for everything else that’s important to you, right? Sex can start as an appointment too, and as you get more into it, it will become a more integral part of your week (or day!).