3 Steps to Dating After Divorce

Heading back into the dating world again after going through a divorce can be grueling. This is especially true when single parents are involved. What do you do with the kids on a date? Do you tell your date right away that you have kids, or do you wait? Just finding someone who you like enough to go on a date with can be hard, let alone having sex and possibly falling in love.dating after divorce

But the truth is you can go back into dating with your head held high. Thousands of people find the loves of their lives after they’ve been divorced. Sometimes it’s that second (or third) charm that does the trick! But it’s true that the whole process can be quite daunting, so to help you, here’s a list of the key steps you’ll need to follow to get back in the game of dating

  1. Leave the past behind

Dating after divorce is difficult because you’re scarred. You’ve been through this all before and when you really thought it would work with your former spouse, it didn’t. You can’t live in the past anymore. Today is a new day, and the past doesn’t dictate the future. Work on your future, and forget what happened back then. This is now.

  1. Get with the times

Ok, you’re back in the game. Warning: things have changed. Depending on how long you’ve been out, things may have changed a lot. Women can ask men out, online dating is a big hit, and you may need to go to a few speed dating events if you really want to nab the big one. There’s no playing shy and coy here. Chances are you won’t find that special someone when you both reach for the same package of celery at the grocery store. Get with the times, and put yourself in the right position

  1. Be honest

Have children? Be honest. Planning on going back to school? Be honest. Still sad over your divorce? Be (sort of) honest. You may want to appear like the perfect person to your new flirt, but where will you be down the line in a month or two when you are just introducing your two children? If you want this thing to work, be honest. That doesn’t mean sobbing over your failed marriage on your first date. It means not playing perfect. No one’s perfect. You are just looking for someone you can really click with and maybe share a new life with. Chances are, the other person is looking for the same thing.